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In addition, the proposed symposium will also provide a detailed interpretation of the new guidelines for plant reintroduction among different stakeholders and international organizations.

There are currently more than 1700 gene banks in the world today, all dedicated to ex situ conservation of plant diversity.Most of pine species are distributed in Northern Hemisphere.Asia region has been identified as exceptionally vulnerable to climate change due to numerous social, economic and environmental factors.Thus, conservation of pine species is one of major challenge against climate change in Asian region.In a sense, this symposium is interested in all aspects of conservation activities to adapt climate change in Asian region for sharing the experiences and methodologies with stakeholders in Asian region as well as in global.

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Here we set to review the diversity, biodiversity patterns and biogeography of karst endemic plants of a number of families (Elatostema, Orchidea, Urticaceae, Gesneriaceae) across China and surrounding regions and understand specific aspects of their adaptive ecology.