Single mom cams free

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Single mom cams free

It is shameful that surfers should debate shark culls here, and argue politics in this thread. To those who can,please help this woman in any way possible. Thoughts and vibes go out to the woman involved with this attack. The person who used the drunk driver analogy is mistaking animals for humans. It is time to cull these fish so we can enjoy the beach with out the fear of being maimed or killed.

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In the water, a woman named Leeanne Ericson had been mauled by a shark.

She was held underwater to the point of drowning as the shark thrashed her leg.

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Recreational peril is not a suitable activity for a single mom of three young children.

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And Ericson was airlifted to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla where she remains in critical condition.

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