Michelle stafford christian leblanc dating

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Michelle stafford christian leblanc dating

I think that would be upsetting for fans of the character. (Laughs) I do understand that viewpoint and people have told me that on Twitter that they were very mad that I was lying there, but you know, Y&R wanted to put the character in a coma, and it was actually a pretty nice gesture on their part.MICHAEL: So after Sharon and Phyllis’s war of words, Phyllis falls down the stairs. Or, did you say to yourself, “I am doing my job…etc”? They just wanted to make it so the role is still there, if I ever was to change my mind and come back. Of course, they could have had the character leave town too, or lose her mind and leave town…I wouldn’t tell anyone I’m watching it, but I’d totally watch it, just to get the female viewpoint.’ My friend Tony Bruno watched it and Tony’s been a sports commentator for ESPN and he has his own podcast and he loves it.So, men love it and teenagers love it and people who are out in the dating scene love it, so all types of ages love it and that’s been really great because it’s not just for a mom.” Expect new installments every two weeks.“Well I learned that you have to let your guests talk,” she cracks.“I didn’t let Nadia get a word in, but it gets better as they go along. I can kind of tell as we’re talking what’s a bad subject to do with them and what would be a good subject.Today, Michelle launched her new web serieswhich in many ways mirrors moments in Stafford’s own life, but with a twist, in this reality/comedy hybrid which was born out of Michelle’s real life struggles to have a child, which she ultimately did via surrogacy …and thus gave us one of whose lead character is an actress named “Michelle” who appears on a soap opera, will also look at juggling aspects of life and the dating scene by “doing it as single chick”, as is Michelle Stafford’s mantra in her new website its own reality.

Le Blanc, Emme Rylan, Galen Gering, Kassie De Paiva, Lauralee Bell, Michelle Stafford, Nadia Bjorlin, Rebecca Budig, Tracey E.

It’s so interesting to me, juggling all of it.” Stafford has already taped shows with Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R), Emme Rylan (Lulu, GH) and Kassie De Paiva (ex-Eve, DAYS et al) and has a slew of other stars — including Galen Gering (Rafe, DAYS), Tracey E. Look for her STAFFORD PROJECT co-writer Paige Dorian and Stacy Francis of BET’s R&B DIVAS to appear, as well.

Bregman (Lauren, Y&R), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan, GH), Rebecca Budig (Hayden, GH) and Christian J. The actress says she has learned some important lessons about interviewing through this process.

I think that’s just my instinct as a human being, and thank goodness I have that because there are a couple of people who I was talking to and thought, ‘I wanted to go to this place with them but I don’t think I’m going to.’ I think I have the advantage of having them right in front of me, too.

When you say something, you can see their reaction.

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