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Gods predating jesus

Though they deserved to be annihilated, God reestablished his covenant with them.

Then, while still encamped at Mount Sinai, the Hebrews built a tent shrine as the residence for their God and called it the tabernacle (35–40).

He fled Egypt and took refuge in the Sinai wilderness. Yhwh instructed Moses to return to Egypt, which was not exactly what he wanted to hear.

Nonetheless, once back in Egypt, he mediated Israel’s deliverance from slavery and oppression.

There is no mention of the Hebrews or the Israelites in Egyptian documents of this period that would substantiate their presence at this moment in Egyptian history and no mention of a Moses.

There is no archaeological evidence of the Israelites in either Egypt or the Sinai dating to this time.

1 Introduction 2 Exodus: Deliverance Traditions (1–18) 3 Sinai: Covenant Traditions (19–40) 4 Exodus as a Book Study Guide Aaron, Absolute law, Book of the Covenant, Covenant Code, Burning bush, Case law, Code of Hammurapi, Covenant, Ethical Decalogue, Exodus, Glory of Yhwh, Golden calf, Hebrews, Horeb, Hyksos, Jethro, Meeting tent, Midian, Miriam, Moses, Mount Sinai, Passover, Pesach, Pharaoh, Plagues, Ramses, Reed Sea, Red Sea, Ritual Decalogue, Sinai covenant, Tabernacle, Theophany, Zipporah Michelangelo’s Moses Moses is the central figure of the book of Exodus, famously depicted by the great artist and sculptor Michelangelo (1475–1564).

Moses delivered the Hebrews out of Egyptian slave bondage, led them to Mount Sinai where he received the commandments from Yhwh, and brought the people into covenant relationship with their God.

At Mount Sinai, Yhwh revealed the law to the Hebrews and established an abiding covenant relationship with them (19–24).The Exodus from Egypt is generally positioned in the 1200s BCE, more than two centuries before the founding of the monarchy in Israel (see Figure 3.1).The events narrated in the book of Exodus are set in northern Egypt and in the Sinai Figure 3.1 Time Line: Early Israel Peninsula.shaped Israel’s relationship with Yhwh whereby Yhwh became their patron deity.This relationship has clear expectations of both parties and holds the promise of a glorious future.

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Taken together, these events establish Israel’s core identity as a delivered people in covenant with God.

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