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Dating customs in sudan

1) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other Law , the Authority may allot the land required for establishing national or strategic investment project at encouraging rate in coordination with the states’ authorities .3) The concerned authorities at states shall register lands for industrial and services projects; and shall carryout the detailed technical planning as well as preparation of the required maps and deposit them with the Authority for allotment.The Chairman of the Authority shall have the following Jurisdiction and powers: The Authority shall have general Secretary to be appointed by the President of the Republic upon recommendation of the chairman of the Authority; the decree of appointment shall determine his grade, allowances and benefits.The general secretary shall be the chief executive, accountable to Chairman of the Authority for his performance; and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing he shall have the following jurisdiction and powers: 2) The commissioned persons representing the concerned ministries and the investment related departments shall be fully authorized the authorities they are representing in a manner not contradicting the jurisdiction granted pursuant to the Law, and they shall have the same jurisdiction and powers granted to the said authorities.This Act aims to encourage investment in projects that achieve the national strategy, development plans and investment initiatives of Sudanese and non- Sudanese private sector, as well as co­operative, mixed and public sector, rehabilitation and expansion in investment projects.1) A Council named “The Higher Council for the Investment “shall be constituted by a decree issued by the President of the Republic under his presidency and membership of persons representing the concerned authorities.National Investment Lands: Means the lands allotted for the national Investments according to investment directives prepared in co-ordination with the competent ministries and states.

The Authority shall have jurisdiction and executive powers required to achieve the objects of this Act , and without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing, it shall have the following jurisdiction and powers : g.

Whole or partial cancellation of the concessions and accordingly to oblige the investor to return back value of the material benefits gained from acquiring any previous privileges if acquiring such gain resulted from the occurrence of cause leading to issuance of the cancellation decision.

4) The investor against whom the decision was passed pursuant to the provisions of item (2), may appeal to the Council with a maximum period of one month of the date of issuing the decision, and the decision in this respect shall be final and provided that this decision shall not preclude the investor to resort to the competent court.

i feel that we have MUCH more in common with west african men and women then do, say a white person from russia.anyways, when i was dating them the cultural differences did not keep us from liking each other and having a good time! ever since i have been in the u.s.a i have never seen a problem with it so yes we are alot that desire african american women,i don't come across the problem especially in communities with small west african communities,i was recently at a wedding of a friend from west africa who married a african american woman some african men find african american desirable, it has nothing to do with attraction because there are alot of attractive black american women but when it comes to finding a mate or partner, the driving force for many african men are culture.

funny i don't hear about the "culture difference" thing when africans are getting with europeans,asians, etc..don't cultural differences exist there also?

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hasn't been my experience with the west african men i met some years ago. they treat you like your fragile; like you need to be protected and this is geniune coming from them; it is not to simply make a good impression. yes culture is some what of a barrier, but one that can certainly be overcome.