Adult phone chat auckland

Posted by / 06-Oct-2017 20:15

This site is to provide information and answer any questions you may have about a charge you have on your telephone bill.

More than likely you have received a charge on your telephone account relating to a call to an 0900 number or you have been referred to this site to answer your queries.

This screen will appear not matter what dialer software you are using.

After the correct characters are enters then the user will be allowed to continue.

Which web site did the number access A large number of web sites use the same premium rate numbers so it is not possible to say which one you accessed.

Premium rate numbers can also be used to access non-adult services like music download and online gaming sites.

In these cases the dialer works exactly the same as for accessing adult content.

If you are using Telstra the 0900 information call charges are itemised on your account.

It will usually be shown as 'Internet' in the description for the call Unless you disconnect beforehand,calls to adult Internet services on the 0900 prefix are automatically terminated when the user has had continuous access for 20 or 29 minutes.

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The dialer is downloaded to your computer and will usually appear as an icon on your desktop and start menu.